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virtualACASimpilotgroup Partner Virtual Airline

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Virtual ACA is a Virtual Airline that mimics the real world ACA, while still keeping a fun laid back attitude. We offer routes, charters, contests, a dedicated TS3 Server and our own custom ACARS program. (ACAcars) We are a close knit community that enjoys the hobby of flight simulation. We do not require tests or hours to fly certain aircraft or routes, we have a very light management structure, and our members simply enjoy flight simulation and sharing their experiences.

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CP Air Virtual AirlinesSimpilotgroup Partner Virtual Airline

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CP Air Virtual Airlines

Description: CP Air Virtual is an online "make believe" airline following the same general function of the "real" CP Air when it existed years ago. We follow the real routes that CP Air did. We fly the same types of aircraft they did. We do this either online on Vatsim or offline. It is generally a place for flightsim pilots to visit and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow aviation enthusiasts. There are aircraft downloads, a forum to talk with fellow Virtual pilots, many useful links to flightsim related products and much more. So take the time to explore the site, and feedback is always welcome.

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Citylink-vaSimpilotgroup Partner Virtual Airline

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Looking for a VA that dares to be different?

We might not completely have what you are looking for, but what have is props, defenitely.
AND? We do not fly the beaten track.
One big plane from one big airport to another big airport.
We also offer the smaller strips. And sometimes you have to fiddle out where the airstrip is ;-).

We have a couple of Twinotters, and Fokker 50.
We are planning BAE  RJ85/100, MD83/82, and a B757-200F.
In case you love smaller planes we have a King Air 200 and PC12 at your service.
Where the KA 200 flies business people on a schedule to major cities, and where the PC12, lets you land at daunting airstrips in the alps.

Originally located at Maastricht (Netherlands), spreading its wings mostly over Germany.
With Twinotters connecting smaller airports, and with the Fokker 50 the bigger ones.

Even connecting the north German Islands to the mainland. You can say this is more or the less bushflying. And defenively no IFR.

We opened a hub in Rotterdam, and placed a few planes at Groningen.
Connecting, UK, France and Germany with its Twinotters and Fokker 50.

And since a month we have a fleet of Fokker 50 entering and leaving London City.

In the future we hope to open up a hub at Edinburgh and fly Twinotters northbound.
Connecting the rest of the world with Fokker 50 and BAE RJ85.

Future wise will we add RJ85/RJ100/MD80 and place them at Maastrich and Rotterdam.

We consider holiday flights with the RJ100 and MD83.
Our cargo fleet will consist of Fokker 60, BAE 146-300 and B757-200.


Before I forget it, we have a shop in which you can spend your well earned pilotpayments, for desktop images, Renting smaller planes for you own good, Buying manuals, and the Citylink Acars.
Ofcourse we help you, in case you have questions.

Here is an overview of the planes we have or we are planning to use.

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Air Malaysia VirtualSimpilotgroup Partner Virtual Airline

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Air Malaysia Virtual


The story of Air Malaysia started with the dream of making flying possible for everyone who does not have the opportunity to fly in real world. On 10 December 2012, Air Malaysia took to the skies with its first commercial flight. Fuelled by a young and dynamic team of aviation enthusiasts, the young carrier turned into possibly Malaysia's largest fictional virtual airline in less than a year. 

The airline launched two airline subsidiaries to expand its operations around the globe, comprising of AMConnex (previously known as Air Malaysia Regional) and Air Malaysia Cargo. At Air Malaysia, the real world affects our world and we do our very best to represent real world happenings in our operations such as delays, bad weather and airport closure. 

Air Malaysia achieved a significant milestone in 2013 when it received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 

On 11 May 2013, Air Malaysia became a full-fledged member of GlobalOne alliance and is now connected to more than 350 destinations in 105 countries across the GlobalOne alliance network. 

A year later, Air Malaysia rebranded its entire operation from scratch. From a new website design, new custom ACARS, acquisition of new airplanes, you name it, we got it. As we expanded our operations step by step, we brought back the magic of flying in Asia, hence with our new slogan "Asia Rediscovered". 

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FlyGreen Virtual Airlines

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FlyGreen Virtual Airlines

Description: Welcome to FlyGreen, a virtual airline for pilots enjoying the simulation of an airline with the X-Plane and/or FSX flight simulator applications. Fly Green Virtual provides a unique and fun network of routes from, and across, different divisions. Our Operations department contains a full list of those routes. Pilots move aircraft on theses routes transporting passenger and cargo load based on an economical simulation with the virtual economy. Revenue & cost, loss & profit are simulated. Fly Green Virtual Airline offers a wide range of different aircraft to be used within the corporate flights. From lightweight training aircraft to heavies to single props; all aircraft are assigned to different divisions, where the division pilots can book the legs out of those schedules.

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